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Wellspring Fitness is proud to announce its partnership with Princeton Tennis Program serving it’s members and community since December 2012.

The Princeton Tennis Program is arguably the first teaching organization for tennis in the nation. Founder, Eve Kraft former Princeton University Head Women’s Tennis Coach, worked with well-known tennis personalities across the country including Arthur Ashe to innovate group teaching methods. Her motivation was to make tennis affordable for the masses. Today PTP continues this rich tradition by teaching tennis to all ages and all levels throughout the year.

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is a consortium of health and wellness facilities that operate independently under one banner and one philosophy. We strive to serve the population, to meet each individual where they are, and to join them on their journey to reach a higher level of performance and quality of life. 


are highly trained, motivated, and committed educators who are passionately interested in living honest, balanced, and integrated lives.

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Elevate Fitness is a performance and wellness facility based in the fitness center at Forsgate Country Club. The elevate team provides members and the community with the most unique experience that the performance and wellness industry has to offer. Our performance coaches are certified by the Titleist Performance Institute and highly educated in corrective exercise, golf and tennis specific strength and conditioning, optimal weight management and mental preparation for behavior change in sport and life.


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The Totem Wellness Center is located within the Shackamaxon Country Club and our team of highly trained and motivated educators are passionately invested in living honest, balanced, and integrated lives. Our performance coaches are Titleist Performance Institute certified and highly trained in corrective exercise and the psychology of coaching.


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