All about Wellspring...

Wellspring fitness is a strength and conditioning company, located in Princeton, NJ, that emphasizes personal development through physical activity, self-awareness, and athletic performance. 

We believe that in order to perform at your highest potential as a student, athlete, parent, business person…as a human being, you must care for yourself on a structural, chemical and emotional level; optimizing and achieving a proper balance of the three.  Our approach to the structural element is informed by the latest research in bio-mechanical assessment, functional movement, and strength and conditioning.  Our theories on physiological health are founded on establishing nutritional growth and change through education and behavior modification.  Finally, Wellspring’s approach to the emotional experience of our clients begins with the power of attention and learning to live mindfully as a means to living a more joyful and empowered life. Learn more about our philosophy.

Our Performance Coaches are highly educated in the science and art of human movement and motivation.  While each coach is unique, all share Wellspring’s vision to contribute positively to society by improving the lives of each client we serve.



Health & Fitness Services Offered

  • Sport-Specific Performance Training
  • Biomechanical Risk for Injury Assessment
  • Injury Prevention Training
  • Corrective and Functional Exercise
  • Individualized Training Programs
  • Balanced Nutritional Suggestions
  • Behavior Modification
  • Personal Development Coaching

Balance Health & Performance


Left to themselves, people tend to ignore their health in the blind pursuit of productivity and/or performance.  At Wellspring Fitness we believe in maintaining a balance of health and performance.  We educate our clients to care for themselves on the structural, chemical, and emotional levels as they pursue their goals.  



A Life Long Journey

Long-term Wellness

While there may be times when the short-term sacrifice of health is acceptable in pursuit of excellence, we at Wellspring are especially sensitive to establishing long-term wellness as we work towards our truest potential, which is to become the best version of ourselves. 

Find Your Equilibrium

Balance PERFORMANCE & Health  

 We believe that if you properly balance health and performance, you will achieve the greatest levels of success.


A Passion for Wellness


Get to know our team who are here to support you along your journey. With a desire to hep you reach both your performance goals and maintain a health balance of mental and physical wellbeing our Wellspring team are here to provide support and expertise


Dr. August Leming


August Leming is an internationally recognized expert in human motivation, behavior change, and performance psychology. 

Learn more about August




Jonathan Matthew

performance coach

As a health coach, Jonathan has trained and counseled a wide variety of clients. He has coached high-level collegiate athletes, recreational athletes, adults looking for overall wellness and people struggling with chronic disease.


Lucas Palker

manager and performance coach

Coach Lucas Palker began working with exercise with a purpose during December of 2015 as an intern and has since worked his way to becoming the company's newest strength coach.

Learn more about Lucas

Come Visit Us In Princeton


Come and visit the new fitness facility on the second floor of the Eve Kraft Community Tennis Center (KCTC) 92 Washington Road, Princeton NJ 08540.



Our Program & Facility Partners...


Wellspring Fitness is proud to announce its partnership with Princeton Tennis Program serving it’s members and community since December 2012.

The Princeton Tennis Program is arguably the first teaching organization for tennis in the nation. Founder, Eve Kraft former Princeton University Head Women’s Tennis Coach, worked with well-known tennis personalities across the country including Arthur Ashe to innovate group teaching methods. Her motivation was to make tennis affordable for the masses. Today PTP continues this rich tradition by teaching tennis to all ages and all levels throughout the year.

Visit their website



is a consortium of health and wellness facilities that operate independently under one banner and one philosophy. We strive to serve the population, to meet each individual where they are, and to join them on their journey to reach a higher level of performance and quality of life. 


are highly trained, motivated, and committed educators who are passionately interested in living honest, balanced, and integrated lives.

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Elevate Fitness is a performance and wellness facility based in the fitness center at Forsgate Country Club. The elevate team provides members and the community with the most unique experience that the performance and wellness industry has to offer. Our performance coaches are certified by the Titleist Performance Institute and highly educated in corrective exercise, golf and tennis specific strength and conditioning, optimal weight management and mental preparation for behavior change in sport and life.


Visit their website



The Totem Wellness Center is located within the Shackamaxon Country Club and our team of highly trained and motivated educators are passionately invested in living honest, balanced, and integrated lives. Our performance coaches are Titleist Performance Institute certified and highly trained in corrective exercise and the psychology of coaching.


Visit their website